Power Of Relationships Pt.3

Pastor David speaks on the crazy things we do for love. What would you be willing to do for God?


Power Of Relationships Pt.2

Pastor Al speaks about how we develop strong relationships by putting Jesus first and putting others before ourselves.

Power Of Relationships

Pastor David starts our new series on relationships by talking about the different ways we harm our marriages and how we can replace them with positive behaviors.


God Still Speaks Pt.3

Pastor Al speaks on obedience and the need for us as Christians to completely obey what God speaks to us.


God Still Speaks Pt.2

Pastor David continues our series on how God still speaks today. Find out the 8 different ways God speaks.


God Still Speaks

Pastor David speaks on hearing God’s voice. One whisper from heaven can change the course of your life. Learn how to hear Him today!


Discerning Our Thoughts

Pastor David speaks on discerning our thoughts. As we enter into our 21 days of prayer and fasting, it is essential for us to learn how to recognize which thoughts are ours, God’s, or the enemy’s.


He Shall Be Called: Pt.4

Pastor David talks on God being our Everlasting Father. We need to understand our identity as God’s children in order to live the way He wants us to live.